XXIX Symposium On Experimental Mechanics of Solids in memory of prof. Jacek Stupnicki

About The Symposium

Dear Sir or Madam,

I regret to inform you that due to the uncertain epidemiological situation, the Scientific Committee of XXIX Symposium On Experimental Mechanics of Solids decided to cancel this year's Symposium. I hope that the conference will be organized without any problems in October next year. Relevant information will be released in October or November this year.

Yours faithfully,
Chairman of the Scientific and Organizing Committee
XXIX Symposium of Experimental Solid Mechanics
prof. Paweł Pyrzanowski

The purpose of the Symposium is to bring together researchers to present their latest achievements in experimental mechanics of solids, mechanics of constructions, machine building and biomechanics.

The organizers welcome contribution within the following main topics:
  • New experimental methods and instrumentation used in mechanics
  • New applications of experimental methods
  • Automation of measurement and data processing
  • Analysis of experimental data
  • Quality and system control


Symposia of Experimental Mechanics of Solids are organized every two years in Jachranka - it is a continuation of symposia in the field of experimental mechanics started in 1962 by the Organizing Committee composed of professors Zbigniew Brzoska, Roman Doroszkiewicz, Przemysław Jastrzębski, Jacek Kapkowski, Zbigniew Orłoś, Jacek Stupnicki and Wojciech Szczepiński. The tradition of organizing these specialized scientific conferences has been maintained, as evidenced by the number of conferences organized so far. The first two symposia in 1962 and 1965 were devoted to elastooptics, while the subject concerning Experimental Research for Mechanics of Solids appeared in 1967 and is maintained to this day.
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